Configure your 3D Terrain Database Project

This service allows you to produce multi-resolution 3D Terrain DataSets starting from input DEM, Geo-images and shapefiles in the Cloud and also provides options to publish interactive 3D datasets online. Form fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

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Input Data

Please select appropriate cloud source folders for DEM, Geo-images and shapefiles. You can use Cloud Service to upload / manage your DEMs, imagery and other input data; including also ESRI World Files (*.tfw, etc.).

Please select a cloud folder containing all required elevation data, including also world files

Please select a cloud folder containing all required files for imagery, including world files

Optionally you can add multiple imagery layers (overlay)

  as Geocentric DB

Output Data

Please configure 3D Terrain Database output to control how your 3D model will be generated or published.

 JSON Multi-resolution for WebGL

 3DS Autodesk
 OBJ Alias Wavefront
 FBX Autodesk
 DAE Collada

Specify the Database resolution level (depth). Higher values result in detailed terrain databases but longer processing times. For a quick test of output DB, please use low values (e.g.: 3). If you are not logged in, you will be limited to Level 4 max.